The Food Bank at Hope Commons Church

Open Mondays at 5PM from the right side of the building

Could you use some help feeding your family? We give out bags of food designed to make a few complete meals. Anyone can pick up a bag at 5PM from the Family Ministry Center down the right hand side of the church building.

Where does the food come from?

The food we give away comes from several sources. First, we buy food by the pound from the Butte County Food Bank in Oroville. We also receive bread and some fresh produce from Gleaners in Chico. Whatever we still need we get from Winco.

You can be a part of this dynamic program!

There are two ways to donate to the food bank. First, you can donate money to go towards the most economical way to purchase what is exactly needed for the week. You can do that online or by Text-to-Give with the keyword “food”. (If you have never done that before, just text the number 84321. In the message, put the amount you want to give and "food". You will receive simple instructions for what to do next.) As always, you can designate any gift with an envelope and a box on the back wall of the sanctuary

Second, you can use this guide when you are picking up your own groceries for the food bank.
These are the specific food items we can accept:
Boxed cereal, juice boxes, canned soups, pastas and such with pop top lids (see photo for specifics), Hamburger Helper & Tuna Helper, and ramen.
Our asks are specific because we build bags based upon a menu. For instance, we give a frozen pound of hamburger with the Hamburger Helper, as well as sides to round out a family meal.
 Thank you for your generosity!