Meditating on Genesis

A Simple Guide to Studying Meditation Literature in the Bible

Meditation Literature, like the Book of Genesis, is written to tell you about things that are more true than the things you can touch and smell. It is written to help you discover truths of the Kingdom of God. We find these truths for working for them. Let’s spend a moment talking about how to get started on this journey.

Read and Re-read Passages:
Genesis is like a treasure chest full of God's wisdom. Don't rush through it! Take your time reading and re-reading stories. Each time you read, you might discover something new or understand things better. Many of us have known these stories since we were children, yet, we may “know” things about these stories that don’t actually come from the words on page.

Look for Details and the Lack of Details:
As you read, pay attention to the details in the stories. Sometimes, God hides special messages in the little things. But also, notice what's not said – it's like a puzzle waiting to be solved. Both the words and the silence can teach you important lessons about the Kingdom. Also keep an eye out for the weird. You may run across something that, the more you read it, the less sense it makes!

Ask God about your Questions in Prayer:
Take all you have discovered and make a list of questions about the stories. Pray about them. Genesis isn’t written as an information delivery system. It is here for us to struggle with. Answers will come as you spend time with them.

Give Time for God to Answer Through Meditation:
In prayer, most of us think we are the ones that should do all the talking. Meditation is giving God space to talk to you, and doesn't have to be complicated. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and breathe slowly. Let your mind focus on the questions you asked God. Be patient – God doesn't always answer right away. Sometimes, His answers come as thoughts, feelings, or a deep sense of peace. Giving Him time during meditation opens your heart to His response.

Write Down What You Learn:
After meditating, take a moment to jot down what you've learned. It could be a new understanding, a feeling of peace, or even more questions. Writing helps you remember and reflect on your journey with God. It's like keeping a diary of your adventures in discovering His wisdom.

Then Read Together in Community:
The Bible wasn’t meant to be read only in isolation. Have a group of folks that you meet with that are on the same journey with you. Read the same things durning the week. When you come together, share with each other what you have discovered. What is the reaction of the others to your discoveries? Do others who have also put in the time affirm what you think you found? What have others found? It is in community that we grow!

Participate Here:
We have been reading the Noah story in Genesis this week, chapters 6:5 through 9. Comment below with your questions and discoveries! Sometimes the discoveries are the questions!
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