Hope Commons Book Club

If you find your faith is pushing you to serve your community, you are not alone! The hard part is finding direction. We will be reading some mostly non-religious books together that help us understand the systemic needs of our community. This will open up conversations about how we see our own community of faith making a positive impact on our town.

A Book Club about Serving Others

As part of an effort to help us understand the needs of our community, Pastor Ron has compiled a stack of books that shapes the way he thinks about how the church should engage our community. These are not books written specifically to a Christian audience, but books that challenge the status quo in each field they address. We will be talking about city planning, childhood adversity, homelessness and the like. We will look for ways together to engage our neighborhoods in fresh ways.

Every book we read together will have a hard copy, Kindle, and Audible version available. The Hope Commons Book Club is not about reading books about faith. It is about understanding the world we are called to serve.


The Least of Us is essentially why folks are living in the park. It is not a Chico thing. It is a national epidemic. And, as individual as each story is, there are some events you might be aware of, but don't know how they fit together. This is a story of addiction, but is also our national story of addiction.

Sam Quinones is an L.A. Times reporter. He tells a compelling story of a nation in the grips of this crisis by focusing on individual lives. And, the best news is that there is even some good news about what some communities are doing to dig out. It is a story for our time.

Read the Book

You can borrow or buy a book from Pastor Ron until they are gone! Or you can get your own hard bound, Kindle or audible copy from the Amazon link below.

Join Us for Dinner and a Panel Discussion

Sunday, June 5th, 5PM | $20 for 2

Read the book and join us for dinner and discussion! We are lining up some folks from the community that are putting these concepts to work in our own neighborhoods.

Dinner for 2 is $20 (yes, bring a friend). Kids will have their own program with dinner. Register today using the Hope Commons App to save your seat in the room. We will also find a way to host this live on the Hope Commons YouTube channel.

Click the Book for the Amazon link to buy.