What We Believe

Core Beliefs

The motivation of what we do is firmly rooted in what we believe. So, in order to understand everything else, we thought we should tell you what we believe about our God and our relationship to Him.
We really do believe this stuff!

This means that God has revealed Himself to us in three ways:
God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.

As a ministry of the Church of the Nazarene, we believe many Christian denominations and non-denominational churches serve the one true God. We count ourselves among them.

We believe that the scriptures are inspired by God, written by men and reveal God’s will in everything necessary for salvation. Furthermore, the Bible cannot speak through silence. Therefore, anything we teach must come directly from scripture.

We are all born into sin. Jesus is the only person who ever lived without sin. Sin can be defined in several ways but is best described as the condition of a person’s relationship to God. A sin relationship is where we as humans stray from God’s known and revealed purpose: to bring honor and glory to Him! When we stray, we serve Satan’s purpose, which is to take away honor and glory from God. The Bible clearly states that we earn death (total separation from God’s Spirit) with our sin; that is, an eternal hell.

We believe that from the beginning, God had a plan to save us from our own sin. When the time was right, God sent His Son, Jesus, into this world. His purpose was to live among us for a time, lead by example and die on a cross. He rose from the dead three days later. By this defeat of death, He can offer us eternal life and citizenship in the kingdom of Heaven through the forgiveness of our sins. He offers this as a free gift of a new life for those who own up to their sin, acknowledge Him as Savior and ask for forgiveness. This gift is given by grace through faith because eternity in heaven can never be earned or deserved in any way.

It is also possible to know that you have been saved by your faith because the Spirit of God will testify it in many ways. God wants to give you this assurance through the spiritual growth you will witness in your own life and the presence of God in the form of His Spirit.

God made mankind for relationship. God did not build us merely to serve Him, but in such a way that we would have the choice to choose Him as companion and Lord. God does not make us what we are or choose for us where we will spend eternity. Our choices do.

The Church of the Nazarene believes that it is part of God’s plan that we fulfill scripture by living lives that are “holy and pleasing to God.” As we do our part to separate ourselves from the things of this world that cause us to sin, God does His part by healing our spirit by a “circumcision of the heart” that takes away our innate drive to sin. This does not take away our capacity to sin, but it does heal the inward struggle against sin. We will all, however, deal with temptation.

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