The Patio Project

We are so excited to share with you the culmination of 2 years of teamwork and dreaming to connect our building with East Avenue! This project is all about being functional and inviting for those who don't attend here yet. In an increasingly post-Christian world, this is our way of saying to our neighbors, "Let's be friends!"

Reimagining Space

We are transforming a place to park cars into place for people. From East Avenue into the lobby, the whole space will be inviting, versatile and functional. Our building will be reaching out from the lobby to say, "Nice to meet you!"

Useful All Week

Building in spots for food trucks brings the neighborhood to us. With electricity to each truck, we eliminate the need for noisy generators. With shade, tables and chairs we invite folks to meet here on our campus for coffee, lunch and dinner. This is also useful for all our events as well, because everyone needs to eat!

Opening Up

By adding lots of protected patio space and opening up the lobby with tilt-up glass garage doors, we are inviting all of East Avenue to come on inside! This will bring in lots of light, as well as allowing people to understand some of what goes on inside the building.

Make a Pledge

We are taking pledges and donations between now and December, 2024. If you would like to make a pledge or just ask questions, we would love to hear from you!

Total Goal:


To date, we have raised $104,679 for 40% of our goal!
Pledges totaling $22,300 as of December 21, 2023.